Diploma in Industrial Biotechnology

The topics included under this course are:

  • Molecular biology concepts
  • Competence development in E.coli
  • Totipotency
  • Lab organization
  • Aseptic inoculation techniques
  • Hardening techniques
  • Applications of plant Tissue culture
  • Introduction to biofertilizers and bio pesticides
  • Media preparation and staining techniques
  • Scale up and formulation
  • Introduction and history of bioinformatics
  • BLAST and FASTA, BioEdit software
  • Pairwise alignment
  • Phylogenetic analysis
  • Sequence submission
  • Bioinformatics in business
  • Concept and overview
  • Quality control and quality assurance
  • <Validation
  • Specific microbial tests
  • Introduction to fermentation processes
  • Design of fermentor
  • Sterilization methods
  • Instrumentation and process control
  • Specific fermentation processes
  • Downstream processing
Diploma in Industrial Biotechnology-Bio-Tech Training-pune

Diploma in Industrial Biotechnology Course in Pune

Fees:- 45,000/- INR
Duration:- 6 months
Contact No:- 020-66289451/52
Email:- biopharma@mitconindia.com

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