Mr. Gokul More – Parag Agro Industries

Success Stories of MITCON BiopharmaMr. Gokul More, a farmer from Indapur, developed a venture in Biofertilizers and soil conditioners for soil improvement in Indapur, District Pune. It was a common belief that synthetic fertilizers improve the quality of soil by infusing nutrients into the soil, enabling the plants to prosper. They were unaware that it replenishes only nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, awhile depleting other nutrients and minerals that are naturally found in fertile soil. These foods are also laced with chemicals and most troubling pesticides. Conversely fruits and vegetables grown with biofertilizers and biopesticides have been reported to have significantly more antioxidants, polyphenols and enzyme than the former. After every crop yield, the farmers were left unhappy and poor health owing to the hazards of the chemical fertilizers.

Gokul, a marketing man who hailed from the same village watched this happening again and again and observed that nearly one third of the crops were getting wasted in the process, also posing a pollution hazard and wondered if something could be done. He left his current job in marketing and discussed the issues with the farmers by visiting their homes. He set up a company by the name Parag Agro industries with sole proprietorship and took up a basic training in biofertilizer and biopesticides from MITCON Biopharma. There he learnt the nitty gritties of running a successful business. He developed a soluble liquid formulation in combination with nitrogen fixing and phosphate solubility multifunctional Microorganism. He estimated that it was not an expensive scheme and so invested Rs 30,000 in the start.

Initially there was a need for money so he has through MITCON Biopharma, applied for MSME support to get his company registered and to get license by Commissioner of Agriculture of Pune. Parag agro has received license from Government of Maharashtra for manufacturing and marketing of these products (License number: BF 034) and also received trade mark for the products (TM reg.No. 1355993). The firm is registered with DIC with EM No.270301101354.

Parag Agro is successfully saling its product in Indapur region with production of 1500MT fertilizer with a turnover of Rs. 45 Lakhs last year.

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