Ms. Ruchita Tiwari – M/s Shri Vinayak Bioteks

Liquid Biofertilizers are special liquid formulations containing not only the desired microorganisms and their nutrients but also special cell protectants or substances that encourage formation of resting spores or cysts for longer shelf life and tolerance to adverse conditions. Advantages of liquid biofertilisers are better shelf life, no effect of high temperature, identified by typical fermented smell and better survival on seeds and soil.

Ruchita started thinking seriously about business when people started asking her for favors she decided to launch a new business. She began by doing work for free to help friends, family, and nonprofit organizations. These business owners told other people about her work. She then underwent initial training in production of microbial inoculants at MITCON incubator though BITP program supported by DBT, Govt. of India. She started a Company under her own proprietorship called Vinayak Biotech’s which she runs with one employee under her. She approached MITCON for fund support. She also applied for selling license for the products at Agriculture dept (INM) through MITCON support.

She admits that it took a toll on her and in the process she had to downsize other hobbies and interests, but her new venture is even more lucrative and she really enjoys what she is doing.

Ruchita is taking help from other incubatees and has been successful in forming her own network and is utilizing this skill for her manufacturing plant. She has presently collaborated with Ms/ Parag Industires, which is MITCON’s incubatee company for production of her liquid bioinoculant under their license, while she has applied for marketing license from state agency. Her firm is registered with DIC with EM No. 23013111043.

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