Mr. Krishna Varma – Emkay Corporation

Krishna Varma, a young CA, has always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur. Born and brought up in Pune, he procrastinated for a long time about what he wanted to become. However this only made his resolve stronger and his thought process for an innovative winning idea never died. He worked for his family business of Varma Pharmacy. The Company is working in manufacturing of Syrups, Tablets, Ointment and Pain balm. He observed closely the manufacturing of pharmaceutical tablets and wondered whether some innovative idea could be used in the formulation which was never done before. With many trials and errors, with his local resourceful worker, he developed a crude machine for the manufacture of ready to use formulation of aqueous solvent based pharmaceutical tablet coating powder. This idea lead to start a new venture for him named Emkay Corporation.

Tablet coating is an important step in pharma tablet manufacturing. Pharmaceutical tablet coating is done for coloring the tablets for identification, taste masking and increasing the stability of the product. The proposed project is an application which is relatively untapped domain under SME sector. The ready to use coating powder saves time and effort for coating process and brings uniformity of coating solution, appearance and color of tablet. Presently the marketed products use organic solvents such as MDC (methylene dichloride), IPA (isopropyl alcohol) as well as water or Mix (IPA+Water).These products incorporate polymers like HPMC (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose), Ethyl cellulose, Aliginate, Acrylate polymers etc. The new product is a novel formulation based on specially treated ‘Starch’ and does not contain above mentioned polymers. There are few benefits of the product that include no side effects for human consumption being an edible product, low cost, availability, solubility, no risk for handling as compared to polymers and organic solvents. Learning about fund support under

MSME scheme, he applied for the fund and came into contact with MITCON Biopharma. MITCON had some counseling sessions with him and offered to support him for manufacturing and development support.
The entrepreneur discussed and submitted a detailed business plan to the incubator. This includes renting workplace, installing machinery, appointing staff, procuring raw materials, developing the most suitable formulation for coating powder under R & D and commencing production. Samples were prepared and tested at MITCON Biopharma and the department is now preparing a project completion report. There are around 200 pharma units in this rae that regularly buys tablet coating powder. The novelty in the product is the use of starch which has minimum risk of handling, is safe and its cost is 1/3 the cost of polymers or organic solvents

The company is registered by Directorate of Industries under Government of Maharashtra for manufacturing of Syrups, Tablets, Ointment and Pain balm. The tablet coating powder product is ready for market for sale purpose, however waiting for FDA clearances. This company graduated from incubator in 2011.

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