Mr. Muklund Varma – Aurum Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Aurum Healthcare pvt. Ltd. is promoted by a young technocrat, Mr Mukund Varma. This venture focuses on bringing innovation in pharmaceuticals that have benefits to humans.

Probiotic neutraceuticals are found to have effective action in replenishment of lost microbial flora of GI tract during medicine usage.

Seven years back Mukund completed his B Pharmacy and started working in his family business of a small Pharma company in Pune. He was befriended by one of his colleagues, a young gentleman and they started to share common interest in probiotics. He first learnt about Probiotics while on a visit to a Pharma exhibition. His company offered him many opportunities to learn new developments, while Mukund was also involved in the working of the company. Their interactions became progressively richer with new inputs and constraining boundaries of the work place. Finally he decided to start a new company, for manufacturing Pro-biotic tablets. He was unable to find a place until he approached MITCON, where he came to enquire, about a suitable place, for rent, to start his company. This was the first time that MITCON rented out a place to a Pharma start up. He got a patient hearing at MITCON. From the first discussion he was clear in his mind that he will start his company and the staff at MITCON was also very impressed with his innovative idea.

At MITCON once he joined, he started realizing his strengths and weakness. After few counseling sessions, his core competency came to be highlighted, however there are some constraints due to lack of experience in scaling manufacturing so he took help of his friend. MITCON provided him consultancy and training. The initial business plan included renting workplace, installing machinery, appointing staff, procuring raw materials, developing the most suitable formulation for Probiotic culture tablets under R & D and commencing the production. Method for inoculums preparation has been standardized under their expertise. Basic

Fermentation training is given to him. Aurum Healthcare Pvt. Ltd has produced special probiotics to be packed in the capsule form for routine consumption as dietary supplements Aurum Healthcare Pvt. Ltd produces the probiotic cultures in microbiology laboratory of MITCON, where packaging has carried out through loan licensing arrangement. Initial microbial cultures were screened at MITCON incubator for possible neutraceutical application.

When a large company had failed in its efforts to manufacture, Mukund came to their rescue and completed their entire project. Hence they achieved success within the first year of starting their firm. With their promotion activities and their new success, the founder of Aurum Healthcare is looking for brighter days to come.

Aurum Healthcare Private Limited, Pune has been provided loan assistance under MSME’s NMCP scheme “Support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of SME’s through Incubators” for its project on probiotic neutraceuticals that will be sold in bottles. The project aims at setting up a production facility for the manufacture and Sale of Pre-Probiotic formulation (capsules and powders) as healthy nutritional (food) supplement. This technology has been developed by the promoter using “live organisms” which when administered in adequate amounts confer a heath benefit on the host. Total project costs was over Rupees 10,00,000

The technology developed at Lab scale has been tested and 2500 bottles of the product have been sold per month in the first year. Margin on each bottles is Rs 25/ and packaging of the product has been carried out through loan licensing arrangement with MITCON. The Project is due for completed in 2011. The firm is registered with DIC with reg no. 196(1)/M1.

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