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We have diverse business interest and in short span of our existence we have made a mark on all of them. From preparing snacks and manufacturing industrial paints we are into providing services in the domain of blast cleaning, sandblasting and pipe painting. We are in many trades and master of all of them too. That has been possible because we have the requisite work force comprising professionals and experts from the required disciplines.

Our products and packaging confirm to the highest parameters existing in the industry. Market credibility is given preference over short time gain in our organization. We realize to be in the business for long time gain we first have to prove our merit. Hence our stringent quality control regime, timely delivery, cost effective methods and most importantly social responsibility concern.

Both as manufacturer and service provider we adopt a cautious approach to uphold safety in terms of health of the consumer and environmental safety on a general scale. Our food items are prepared under an extremely hygienic environment using only the best permissible frying agents. Our paints are toxic free and our sandblasting uses the most user friendly procedure and materials so as not to produce any health hazard. Our diverse manufacturing and service portfolio boasts of quality products and services that has been accepted by the market with great appreciation.

Our portfolio reads as follows:

  • Vacuum Fried Fruit & vegetable Chips
  • Machinery For Vacuum Fried Fruit & Vegetable Chips
  • Paint Required For Ms Pipelines, structure Steel
  • Painting Services of Pipeline Internally and externally.
  • Blast Cleaning/proper Cleaning of Ms Surface
  • Blast cleaning & Pipeline Painting
  • Supply and Installation of machinery for Vacuum fried fruits and vegetable chips

Generally people do say, “We are, what we eat”, but they fail to understand that our health & fitness depends, to a great extent, on how that food is cooked. Today, our generation has become a deep fried generation, who cares much about crunchiness, crispiness and taste of their food. But they don’t understand that these deep fry culture is making their body hollow and much prone to vulnerable diseases. So what should we do? Shall we go for crunchiness, crispiness and taste? Or shall we go for the demon called cholesterol?

  • Don’t worry. We have solution for you, which will deliver crunchiness; crispiness combined together with great taste to your tongue, and will make you healthier and will keep several miles away from the cholesterol. How it is possible?
  • The answer is VACCUM FRY! Vacuum frying is an efficient method of reducing the oil content in fried snacks, maintaining product nutritional quality, and reducing oil deterioration. It is a technology that can be used to produce fruits and vegetables with the necessary degree of dehydration without excessive darkening or scorching of the product. In deep fry process the food is cooked above 180 degree Celsius, where as in vacuum fry process, the temperature is 80 degree Celsius, lower than the boiling point of water.
  • In vacuum frying operations, food is heated under reduced pressure (< 60 Torr – 0.0789 atm) causing a reduction in the boiling points of the oil and the moisture in the foods. Acryl amide, a carcinogen found to cause cancer in laboratory rats, is present in carbohydrate-rich foods cooked at high temperatures, such as fried/baked chips, bread, etc. Acryl amide could be created by a reaction between an amino acid called asparagines, which occurs naturally in relatively high levels in potatoes and other cereals, and sugar. Tests confirmed that when the amino acid is heated, it does react with sugar to create acryl amide, a process called the Maillard reaction. This occurs at temperatures above 100°C (212°F).
  • So we are here to replace deep fried vegetables like potato, corn etc, with vacuum fried fruits & vegetables like, pineapple, banana, guava, sweet potato, pumpkin, carrots, etc. The calories generated through consumption of 35 gram of Carrot chips are equivalent to the consumption 350 gram of actual carrot.
  • This fries are packed in an aluminium foil which will preserve the inside ingredient to its core. The fruits & vegetables will be obtained from the local farmers, which will eventually help out the agrarian society of our country. As a result, vacuum frying may be a useful process in the production of novel snacks that present desired quality attributes and respond to new health trends.

Industries we Serve

  • Because of the diverse nature of our products and services we are able to serve a diverse industry verticals. Following are the main industries served by us:
  • Petroleum,
  • Water supplies sector
  • Constructions sector
  • Ready to Eat Food sector

Our team is the backbone of our organization. It is truly the meeting ground of professionals all experts in their respective domain. It the dedication, foresight, innovative approach and concern foe social issues that have allowed the company to stand on this strong foundation. Our team comprises:

  • Research / QC Staff
  • Engineers & Technicians
  • Skilled Staff
  • Semi-Skilled Staff
  • Consultants

We have highly modern state of the art infrastructural facilities equipped with the most technologically advanced machineries and tools. We have two well equipped factories. When indigenous machines are not available we resort to importing the most compatible machines from international sources. The installed capacity of our unit for snacks is twenty tons per month. For our painting jobs we source the best pigments, resins and binders from trusted vendors.The area of our factory is 4000 sq meter.

We strongly believe attractive and safe packaging reflect the quality of the content inside. We avail drums for our industrial paints which are manufactured from the best quality tin alloy. For our Vacuum Fried Fruits and vegetable Chips we provide the most scientific metalized plastic bags or aluminum foil bags which keep the product oven fresh crisp for a long time. The attractive designs on the these packaging provides great aesthetic value.

Quality & Testing
FSSAI Licence no. 11513038004961

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