Mr. Prajval Choure – P & P Agro Fertilizer Industries

Residents of a small locality in Wardha were not aware of solid waste problems, with 75% wastes derived from organic waste and the rest from plastic bags been thrown out n the open or mixed with household waste. Also small scale agricultural farmers were at high risk of exposure but were unaware of the health hazards or take account of the effects of chemical use. More than half of the farmers use pesticides at much higher doses than recommended. They pay less attention to reading labels, wearing protective gears or using appropriate equipment. Increasing number of farmers are getting involved in spraying chemicals. Among these increasing numbers more are women.
Besides its effects on human health, improper handling and disposal of chemically contaminated waste generated by farms can cause water, soil and air pollution.

Prajwal, a field worker of Wardha became aware of the risks involved in exposure to such wastes and initiated public awareness about preventing health impacts from chemical use and promoting proper management of solid waste through various channels. He applied to MITCON for training in bioinoculant production and organic farming and learnt that the only solution to the chemical wastes is proper management of chemical usage and contaminated wastes.

He discussed with experts at MITCON about starting an industry at his native place. He is now serving as one of the best producers of bioinoculants for solid waste management. He is further scaling up the venture which he started in 2004 with MITCON’s help. Fine tuning of the product was needed as it was in its nascent. He approached MITCON again for some product development. He says that even today, he is reminded of the time he has traversed from a student to a fast growing industrialist, in this region.

He always wanted to become an entrepreneur. When he approached MITCON experts and informed them of his desire to start an industry, the expert motivated him to start a business in bio-inoculant production and plan out his venture with the team. From there on with the experts inputs and MITCON’s support, he developed a series of innovative products .He collected poultry waste and domestic kitchen waste from the village and started composting it in poits near to village. He took microbial cultures to enrich this compost after sieving it in fine powder. This was an environmentally friendly initiative. What is needed from him is optimized; specially tailor made, cost effective products. There were many challenges to develop new technologies in this field, from many fronts, apart from the financial scale-up and HR challenges. He is still struggling for existence and also gives training by utilizing MITCON’s resources, intensively for churning out these new technologies. Even now, he works closely with MITCON and is the main model for next generation entrepreneurs. The product is registered under state agency of Agri Dept with registration number OF183. The firm is registered with DIC with reg. No.112505934

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