Dr. Anil Mokashi – Baramati Food Processing and Dehydration Institute, Baramati

Dr Anil Mokashi is a well known pediatrician from Baramati. After reading about bariatic science and its usefulness in treatment and prevention of obesity, he wondered if he could start his own Food Processing and Dehydration Institute, where he could make a bariatric food bar product. This was the beginning of thought process for Dr Mokashi, who took it up and went on to indigenize and develop his business idea into a commercially viable product. Dr Mokashi developed bariatic products by utilizing the facilities and expertise at MITCON Biopharma. However, his passion to treat patients and serve the people continued.

He proposed to manufacture vegetable bars that have no side effects or any reaction with any other medicine. At each step they closely worked with MITCON in developing strategies for networking competency development and training his staff. It was a tough task to slice the product for human consumption that will be more innovative as a concept. He was motivated by the fact that he could distribute this free of costs to his patients who suffered from obesity problems. Presently, his product has been optimized in bar form. His production facility has received FPO license (). The product is ready for launch. His Company is registered by Office of Registrar of Companies, Pune under the Reg No:133408/6360.

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