Ms. Madhura Nisal – Aim Ace Industries

Madhura, a biotech student with graduation n microbiology was keen on becoming a lecturer in a Science college. She did training at MITCON Biopharma in Industrial Microbiology. During the training she appreciated the innovative and present techniques used. She was one of the very bright students in the class and was informed by the mentor at MITCON about its incubation programs and support provided to budding entrepreneurs. She then also attended entrepreneurs meet in Pune. The program intensified her business personality and provided invaluable clues of starting one’s own business especially in her favorite area in food processing. Now her concern was the innovative idea needed to start a business. Madhura identified three to four business ideas but contemplated over which one to select.

At MITCON, the experts helped her identify the strategic options available. Finally, the proposal for manufacturing of vegetable soups, fruit bar prepared from dehydrated fruits and vegetables was selected. She convinced the selection committee with her proposal that the products are ment for consumption of patients undergoing naturopathy treatment as the receipe is formulated accordingly. The common facility centre at MITCON, had a spectrum of all machines (new machinery like dryer, pulping machine, juicer/ grinder, were acquired) and was utilized for the product development needs of the entrepreneurs. For other specialized facilities, support was provided via MITCON by other R & D set ups. Test samples were completed and then she started looking for some packaging ideas. She visited other set ups and developed the package for her product which was now ready for sale in the market. Madhura developed unique methods and immense knowledge base for the sample requirements and their manufacture. She became an expert in the field of healthy, nutritional diet foods by solely focusing on this area and acquiring skills and knowledge with unparalleled accuracy and uncanny innovative manufacturing applications.

The industry specializes in the manufacture of healthy nutritional diet food for all people. Products include nutrition soups, Fruit Bar from dehydrated fruits and vegetables. These pose new options for health conscious people, fulfilling daily or specific supplement requirement, empowering local people and farmers. She graduated out of MITCON last year. Her product of healthy soup is well taken by customers and patients visiting nature cure ashram at Urulikanchan.

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