Dr. S.B. Pandit – Aarushi Specialty Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

M/s Aarushi Specialty Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., is a company promoted by Dr. S.B. Pandit, highly experienced polymer chemist having vast experience. Dr.S.B. Pandit the founder of has vast experience in developing products for specialized applications. He has more than 12 years experience in one of the world’s top most specialty manufacturing company. He has worked in several positions such as R&D head, technical service head and business head in textile leather paper, polymerizates and FUN divisions during his tenure before leaving as Business Head of Functional Chemicals Division. He was instrumental in starting for starting following businesses in India
1. Polyurethane based packaging adhesives.
2. Leather Chemicals
3. 5000 tons emulsion plant for paints, textile and leather applications

He is able assisted with highly experienced team for production and technical service which creates organizational capability to Develop world class specialty chemicals for various industries, World-wide exposure to specialty chemicals market, Tailor-make products to suit the customer. Aarushi Speciality Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is a company founded in March 2006 with an aim to manufacture specialty chemicals catering to textiles, leather, paints, inks, construction and several other industries.

To produce Specialty Chemicals required for various industries with Innovative concepts, latest technologies, high quality and Consistency. To create world class infrastructure including R&D, technical service and manufacturing facilities. They are associated with M/s Cromogenia SPA, Spain – Packaging Adhesives, M/s Alberdingk Boley GmbH, Germany – Polyurethane Dispersions

Aarushi Specialty Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. has acquired a land of 1,75000 sq-feet in India at Kelavde village about 30 kms from Pune on Pune-Banglore national highway. The company will construct a project on 75000 sq-feet land. The company plans to build a state of art facilities for 5000 tons productions plant, R&D center, pilot plant and technical service laboratory. The manufacturing plant will be designed to carry sophisticated processes like Ethoxylation, Esterification, Phosporelation, Condensation, Polymerizates.


  • Dedicated and efficient team of R&D and technical service.
  • Interaction with 3 European companies, masters in specialty chemicals. Aarushi Specialty Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Dr. S.B. Pandit
  • Strong R&D & innovative approaches.
  • Products Matching international quality & consistency
  • Tailor made products to meet the specific requirements of the evergrowing demands of the industry.
  • Comprehensive range of specialty chemicals
  • Aarushi Specialty Chemicals Pvt.Ltd. welcomes to opportunities to tackle and solve problems faced by the customers.


Leather : Syntans, Fat Liquors, Acrylate Dispersions, Auxiliaries , polyurethanes, Nitrocellulose top coats

Paints : GOUCRYL HAA 330, GOUCRYL SA 611 , GOUCRYL SA 6400 , GOUCRYL SA 6415 (Paint emulsion-standard quality), GOUCRYL CMA 30 (Paint thickener)

Company Achievements :

1. Indian Achivers Award
2. ISO 9001: 2008
3. Certificate of appreciation

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